For some time now, people have begun to voluntarily undergo metamorphosis from a humanoid body into a small, seemingly uncomplicated fly body. The fly body has offered new qualities of life - the huge bulging eyes that are a great tool for observing the world from different, new perspectives, a different understanding of time, and a new quality of mobility. Our series of talk shows provides entertainment for other insects, offering, in the form of a quasi-journalistic performance, or so-called journalistic show, excellent fun, but at the same time, due to the fly's perspective, a distance to what is, or what wants to be, human. The show's host, Alexis High, invites to join the conversation, touching upon sometimes trivial, offbeat, sexy, gross topics. Nothing that fly-nistc is alien to us.

In the second episode, Alexis High hosts V.. V. was inhabiting and creating a micro-ecosystem at the Serpentine gallery in London in the installation UUmwelt by Pierre Huyghe. The exhibition relied on many components, but the main most noticeable one was the changing images projected on five led TVs. Millions of images on the border between abstraction and reality created an enigmatic, even uncomfortable Beckettian world. The images were generated by a laboratory where, through magnetic resonance of the brain of a person thinking about one object, scientists created a given specific image of the object by analyzing brain waves. Outside these monolithic screens in the gallery were inhabited by little observers - flies.

We elaborate on the topic of the degeneration of private as well as public life, following thoughts of Hannah Arendt, the cyber world drawing from writings by Jakob Johann von Uexküll, as well as contemporary intimacy and the condition of social media. We attempt to look critically on trends in both right and liberal discourses that often manifest in a very superficial and exclusive way. Understanding one's own body is an ongoing process, and situating that body in a socio-political context gives it constantly shifting meanings. The body undergoes constant metamorphosis under the influence of its own pressure and imposed imperatives. In our performance we enter the insect's body which is already bearing a pre-imposed flaw.

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